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Zumon is a simple tool that can be used by veterinary schools and those who utilise animals for teaching and research purposes to monitor the usage of animals by students as they learn their skills.

It incorporates a scoring system that assigns a score to animals each time they are used for teaching or research that reflects the potential welfare cost associated with usage. The system was developed in association with veterinarians at James Cook University, Australia.

This system provides a record of individual animal usage and through the reports provided alerts users when usage is approaching or exceeding usage limits that are set by the user.

Zumon provides a unique, easy to use software database that will help you to ensure that animal usage is recorded, can be reported on demand and most of all is a tool you can use to help ensure that animal welfare and use standards are maintained within your learning community.

There are three components to the system, the data collection (suitable for computer, smartphone or tablet), the analysis software and the reporting interface, viewable to anyone on your internal network.

The software is available "off the shelf" as a perpetual licence for $1200 AUD (Australian users add 10% GST). If you need modifications to suit your particular environment that may be done through a negotiated additional fee.

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